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Pictures from Nancy Alexander's Astronomy Class
Spotswood High School, Penn Laird, VA

Daniel Lehman, Thomas Rea, and Eric
Cline plot sunspot data for the 1800s --
Solarscapes lab activity #2
Thomas Rea and Anna Nicholas record
their daily reading using their soda
bottle magnetometer
Pam Gibson, Misty East, and Renee Good
put finishing touches on their soda
bottle magnetometer
David Smith, Joe Gioscio, Matt Lam,
Mrs. Alexander, Bellamy Monger, and
Amanda Slade discuss the design
of the soda bottle magnetometer
William Smith, Ben Martin, and Chadd
Engel construct a soda bottle
Renee Good, Andrea Bower, Mrs.
Alexander, Lora Clatterbuck, and Misty
East plot sunspot data for the 1700s
Jon Williams, Jon Hilbert, and Josh
Link observe the rotating object
in Solarscapes activity #3
Lisa Baylor and April Kyger make
quantitative and qualitative
statements about the object's motion
Allison Graham, April Hepner, and
Virginia Luong try to determine a
sphere's rate of rotation
Kristi Laurenz, Mark Garrison, Sarah
Sponaugle, Eloy Rodriguez, Sarah Reynolds,
and Julianna Radloff also work on activity 3

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