Wind/Magnetic Field and Plasma Observations of CME/magnetic cloud event of 6--10 January, 1997

A preliminary view of the January 10/11, 1997 magnetic cloud event. The magnetic field strength, elevantion angle and azimuthal angle from the MFI instrument on WIND (Lepping, PI) are shown in the top three panels. The density, proton therm al speed, flow angles and bulk speed from the SWE instrument on WIND (Ogilvie, P I) are shown in the lower panels. The magnetic cloud arrived near hour 5 on Janu ary 10 with strong southward magnetic fields. The magnetic field rotated norhtwa rd as the magnetic cloud moved past the spacecraft. THe end of the magnetic clo ud was observed early on January 11. The speed of the magnetic cloud was not hig h, but fast enough relative to the flow ahead of it to drive a shock as indicate d. The rear of the magnetic cloud contained a filament of exceptionally high de nsity followed by a magnetic hole. These objects are currently under investigat ion. The magnetic cloud was followed by a stream interface and a corotating str eam. The transition region between the magnetic cloud and the corotating stream is also under investigation.

This magnetic cloud/corotating stream event resembles that observed by WIND in October, 1995. A paper describing the Oct. 1995 event may be found at:

A review of magnetic clouds and corotating streams can be found in the book "Interplanetary Magnetohydrodynamics," L. F.Burlaga, Oxford University Press, 1995.

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