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ISTP April 8-9, 1997 workshop

on the January 6-11, 1997 Sun-Earth Connections event: Preliminary Agenda



Dear Colleagues:

The plans for our ISTP science workshop are moving ahead and we have prepared a preliminary agenda (included below). As indicated in our earlier communications about the workshop, the goal is to focus attention on collaborative studies of the Jan 6-11, 1997 CME-Magnetic Cloud event (and similar events). The format of the meeting will be similar to the ISTP science workshop held in January 1997, and will include the ability to connect to the world wide web and project the output onto a screen.

We encourage all interested scientists to put material on the world wide web prior to the workshop and to let us know the location so we can add links from the event homepage. This will allow workshop participants to preview material to be presented at the meeting to help focus the discussions. And as an added bonus, it will allow those unable to attend the workshop to share in the excitement of this event. For reference, the event homepage is at URL:


Scientists working on the event are also encouraged to bring their studies to the attention of the appropriate splinter session leaders so they can be included in the introductory and summary presentations.

Please address comments or questions to one of the workshop coordinators at the addresses listed below

ISTP Science Workshop on the Jan 6-11, 1997 CME-MC Event (and others) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center April 8-9, 1997


Tuesday April 8: Morning Session, Bldg. 26, Rm 205

Tuesday April 8, Afternoon Session (session moderators)

Wednesday April 9, Morning Session (session moderators)

Wednesday April 9, Afternoon Session (session moderator)

Nominal session times:
Morning session: 9 AM - 12 PM
Afternoon session: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM


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