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Impulsive Events in the Solar Wind

Conveners: Dave Sibeck (JHU/APL) & Keith Ogilvie (NASA/GSFC)

Transient events are common in the high latitude dayside ionosphere, the outer magnetosphere, and the vicinity of the bow shock. In conjunction with numerical simulations, correlative studies employing observations by Wind and other solar wind monitors permit us to identify (or rule out) the occurrence solar wind features that trigger these transient events. We invite talks concerning the reliability of solar wind monitors, the interaction of solar wind features with the bow shock and magnetopause, their transmission through the magnetosheath and magnetosphere, and their ionospheric signatures.

Brief and informal talks on these themes are solicited.

Invited Speakers

8:30 AM - Michael Collier: Correlating solar wind features
8:55 AM - Adam Szabo: IP Shocks passing through the magnetosheath
9:20 AM - Nelson Maynard: Discontinuity phase planes and the magnetospheric response
9:45 AM - Joel Fedder: Modelling the Magnetospheric Response to Pressure Pulses

10:10 AM Break

10:25 AM - Xinlin Li: Pressure pulses and the radiation belts
10:50 AM - Mark Moldwin: Concerning the origin of transients in the magnetotail
11:15 AM - Xiaoyan Zhou: Response of the Dayside Aurora to Pressure pulses
11:40 AM - Paul Prikryl: Ionospheric signatures of dayside reconnection pulsed by solar wind Alfven waves

Interested participants should contact one of the organizers with details concerning the talks they wish to present.

Dave Sibeck (david.sibeck@jhuapl.edu)
Keith Ogilvie (keith.ogilvie@gsfc.nasa.gov)

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