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Ionospheric Impacts on Magnetospheric Processes

Conveners: Ray Greenwald (JHU/APL) & Tom Moore (NASA/GSFC)

This session is devoted to presentations and discussions relevant to the coupled nature of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system. This was an important element of the original ISTP mission concept and remains an important part of the NSF GEM M-I Coupling Campaign. One of the challenges within M-I Coupling is to identify those aspects of ionospheric boundary conditions or ionospheric plasmas that impact the global response function of the coupled system. We hope to motivate the theoretical study of this topic and to provide a basis for testing theoretical results. We also hope to identify databases that should be developed to document the impacts of ionospheric plasmas and ionospheric boundary conditions on the magnetosphere. These data bases should support the mapping of global spatial and temporal variability of plasma composition within the ionosphere and magnetosphere. The theory fork of this challenge, as the principal short-term focus of this working group, should speed the development of a GGCM that includes ionospheric plasma as a mechanical dynamic element as well as an electrodynamic element.

Contributions relating to these and other relevant topics are solicited.

Interested participants should contact one of the organizers with details concerning the talks they wish to present.

Ionospheric Impacts on Magnetospheric Processes - Invited Speakers

10:30 Fox - SuperDARN/VIS joule heating during a substorm
10:45 Lummerzheim - TBS
11:00 Ruohoniemi - TBS
11:15 Lund - FAST/Cluster Conjunctions: Preliminary Results
11:30 Lessard - TBS
11:45 Lyon* - TBS

13:30 Zhou - Geoeffectiveness of "slow" magnetic clouds
13:45 Chandler - Ionospheric plasma at the dayside magnetopause
14:00 Fennell - Ring current impact of ionospheric plasma
14:15 Peterson - Spatial/Temporal coherence of ion outflow
14:30 Thomsen - Solar cycle modulation of plasma sheet density
14:45 All - Discussion

* tentative

Ray Greenwald (ray.greenwald@jhuapl.edu)
Tom Moore thomas.e.moore@gsfc.nasa.gov)

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