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Equatorial Plasma Regions

Conveners: Bill Peterson (Lockheed Martin) & Brian Anderson (JHU/APL)

The session will focus on the physics that has been and can be done with the particle and field instruments on Polar as apogee approaches and passes through the equator. We've identified 3 general areas of interest:

Substorm related studies
Ring current studies, and
Investigations of the source regions for magnetic pulsations.

We have also asked members of the imaging teams to make short presentations about what capabilities their imagers will have from the equatorial region

Confirmed Speakers

Petri Toivanen - Overview of Substorm observations made near the Equator
Steve Mende or Thomas Immel - IMAGE observations in support of Polar sub-storm studies
George Parks - Equatorial particle signatures of substorms
John Sigwarth and Lou Frank - Auroral imaging from Polar with apogee near the equator
Mike Schulz - Imaging from the equator with PIXIE
Petri Toivanen - Details of a very special substom observed by Polar
Gang Lu - Equatorial extrapolations of images and magnetometers
Nicky Fox - Superdarn ground truth for 1999/2000 substorms
John Wygant - Overview of equatorial observations
Mary Hudson - What kinds of observations are needed from the Equatorial region?
Joe Fennell - Equatorial Observations
Nelson Maynard - Skimming dayside orbits and their interesting physics
Mark Engebretson/Bill Peterson - Equatorial plasma populations and magnetic pulsations.

Interested participants should contact one of the organizers with details concerning the talks they wish to present.

Bill Peterson (pete@willow.colorado.edu)
Brian Anderson (brian.anderson@jhuapl.edu)

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