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Committee on Solar and Space Physics Decadal Study: Community Forum on Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interactions

Convener: Chris Russell (IGPP/UCLA)

The NRC's Space Studies Board, NASA, NSF and NOAA have tasked the Committee on Solar and Space Physics with preparing a decadal study of the field of solar and space physics. In turn the CSSP has formed a Survey Committee consisting of: L. J. Lanzorotti, R. L. Arnoldy; F. Bagenal, D. N. Baker, J. L. Burch, J. C. Foster, P. Goode, R. Heelis, M. G. Kivelson, W. H. Matthaeus, F. McDonald, E. Parker, R. W. Schunk and A. Title.

The purpose of this study is to develop a science strategy in the areas of solar physics, space physics and the Sun-Earth connection. This strategy should begin with a survey of the current state of knowledge, identify future scientific priorities, and recommend the most promising avenues for flight investigations and supporting ground research to address the scientific priorities. The time scale covered should be approximately a decade.

The Survey Committee has appointed five panels covering. Solar and Heliospheric Physics chaired by J. T. Gosling; Solar Wind - Magnetospheric Interactions chaired by C. T. Russell; Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Atmosphere Interactions chaired by M. C. Kelley; Theory, Computation and Data Exploration by G. Zank, and Education and Society by R. Lopez.

The Panel on Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interactions plans to hold two national public forums to solicit comment from the community. The first will be at APL near Laurel, MD, on April 10, 2001 during the ISTP meeting. If you wish to make a presentation at this forum please contact amcglynn@igpp.ucla.edu.

We stress how important is your input to the committee. We have been tasked with gathering your input and putting it in a form that the parent committee can advocate and use it to prioritize our future program. We need to hear from a large cross-section of the community if we are going to do our jobs properly

Chris Russell (ctrussel@igpp.ucla.edu)

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