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Neutral Atom Imaging: Opportunities for ISTP

Conveners: Geoff Reeves (LANL) & Don Mitchell (JHU/APL)

Neutral atom imaging of the magnetosphere was not one of the original scientific objectives of the ISTP program yet Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) imaging from POLAR has helped lay the groundwork for current and future missions such as IMAGE and TWINS. Results have included ENA observations of substorm injections, contribution of the partial ring current to Dst, observation of the quiet-time ring current, comparison of storm-time and isolated substorm injections, and decay of the ring current through charge exchange production of ENAs. Now, with the simultaneous operation of IMAGE, ACE, and the ISTP satellites we have the opportunity to strengthen and extend the scientific goals of ISTP. Neutral atom imaging has the ability to provide a global context for in situ observations of magnetospheric processes and the response of the magnetosphere to solar wind drivers. Likewise in situ observations provide a "ground truth" for ENA observations which gives the potential for improved image inversion and new scientific insights. Other opportunities include simultaneous, "stereo" ENA imaging from POLAR and IMAGE and the direct comparison of large-scale magnetospheric and ring current models of particular events with the observed ENA outflow. This session will consider the contribution of ENA imaging to the objectives of ISTP and develop goals and objectives for future ENA and ISTP joint contributions.

Confirmed Speakers

Tony Lui
Martin Walt
Don Mitchell
Criag Pollock
Geoff Reeves
Harlan Spence

Interested participants should contact one of the organizers with details concerning the talks they wish to present.

Geoff Reeves (reeves@lanl.gov)
Don Mitchell (donald.g.mitchell@jhuapl.edu)

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