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Correlative Plasma Source Investigations

Solar wind entry to plasma sheet
MS plasma entry response to solar wind conditions
Peterson (MAY2P@polar.rice.edu)
  • 29 May high lat merging event
  • other events in boundary layer
  • events with transient entry, creating plasma tubes
  • Spence/BU - PEP
  • Chang/UI - PolarCap/Theta Aurora
Outflow response to solar wind conditions and coupling
  • WIND and POLAR/perigee comparisons - POLAR WIND
  • Interball Auroral and Tail Probe
  • Ground data for cusp context
  • Hirahara: Conics/Aurora/Outflows
Plasma sheet response to polar cap outflow variations
  • POLAR and Geotail comparisions with plasmasphere
  • Ground data for sub/storm context
  • Lobe energy/composition vs. sheet thickness
  • Kletzing - High altitude plasma sheet/Aurora
Ring current plasma response to polar cap outflows
  • POLAR, Geotail, LANL.Geosync. comparisons
  • Equator/S data, to come
  • Ground system data for sub/storm context
  • Other sources of inner magnetospheric data
  • Sheldon - direct intection
  • Soraas - Sar Arc dissipation of PC
M/q=2 in the Mantle, LLBL, and Ionospheric Outflows
  • WIND composition
  • POLAR/TIDE/TIMAS/CCR composition
  • Relate to flow and temperature
  • SW composition compared with cleft composition
  • Giles - POLAR-WIND comparisons

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