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Appendix. Instruments and Principal Investigators Tables

Investigation Principal Investigator Institution
Radio and Plasma Waves J. Bougeret/M. Kaiser Paris Observatory/Goddard Space Flight Center
Solar Wind Experiment K. Ogilvie Goddard Space Flight Center
Magnetic Field Investigation R. Lepping Goddard Space Flight Center
Energetic Particle Acceleration, Composition and Transport T. Von Resenvinge Goddard Space Flight Center
Solar Wind Ion Componsition Study, the "Mass" Sensor, and Suprathermal Ion Composition Study G. Gloeckler Unvierstiy of Maryland
Three-Dimensional Plasma Analyzer R. Lin University of California at Berkeley
Transient Gamma Ray Spectrometer B. Teegarden Goddard Space Flight Center
Gamma Ray Spectrometer E. Mezets/T. Cline Ioffe Institute, Russia/Goddard Space Flight Center
Magnetic Fields Experiment C. Russell University of California at Los Angeles
Electric Fields Investigation F. Mozer University of Californa at Berkeley
Plasma Waves Investigation D. Gurnett University of Iowa
Hot Plasma Analyzer J. Scudder University of Iowa
Thermal Ion Dynamics Experiment T. Moore Marshall Space Flight Center
Toroidal Imaging Mass-Angle Spectrograph E. Shelley Lockheed Martin Palo Alto Research Laboratory
Charge and Mass Magnetospheric Ion Composition Experiment T. Fritz Boston Universtiy
Comprehensive Energetic Particle Pitch-Angle Distribution B. Blake Aerospace Corporation
Ultraviolet Imager G. Parks Universtiy of Washington
Visible Imaging System L. Frank University of Iowa
Polar Ionospheric X-Ray Imaging Experiment D. Chenette Lockheed Martin Palo Alto Research Laboratory
Electric Fields Detector K. Tsuruda Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Magnetic Fields Measurment/Geotail Inboard Magnetometer S. Kokubun/M. Acuña/D. Fairfield Institute of Space and Astronautical Science/ Goddard Space Flight Center
High-Energy Particles T. Doke Waseda Universtiy
Low-Energy Particles T. Mukai Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Plasma Waves Investigation/Multi-Channel Analyzer H. Matsumoto/R. Anderson Kyoto Universtiy/University of Iowa
Energetic Partcle and Ion Composition D. Williams The Johns Hopkins Universtiy Applied Physics Laboratory
Comprehensive Plasma Investigation L. Frank Universtiy of Iowa
Canadian Auroral Network for the Origin of Plasmas in Earth’s Neighborhood Program Unified Study G. Rostoker Univerity of Alberta
Satellite Experiments Simultaneous with Antarctic Measurements J. Dudeney British Antarctic Survey
Sondrestrom Radar J. Kelly Stanford Research Institute
Dual Auroral Radar Network R. Greenwald The Johns Hopkins Universtiy Applied Physics Laboratory
Theory and Modeling
Mission Oriented Theory M. Ashour-Abdalla University of California at Los Angeles
Theory, Modeling and Simulation Support D. Papadopolous University of Maryland
Theory, Simulation and Modeling M. Hudson Dartmouth College
Modeling of the Atmosphere-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System M. Rees Universtiy of Alaska

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