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ISTP Science Planning and Operations Facility

Welcome to the Home Page of the Science Planning and Operations Facility (SPOF) for the International Solar Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) Program

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Science Planning Information

red_bullet.gif Long Term Science Plan Reports

red_bullet.gif ISTP/GGS Master Operations Catalog

red_bullet.gif Spacecraft Trajectory Plots

red_bullet.gif Deep Space Network (DSN) Schedules

GGS Science Priority Operation Topics (SPOTs)

red_bullet.gif GGS Special Operations Periods (GSOPs)

red_bullet.gif POLAR Despun Platform Pointing Plans

red_bullet.gif GGS Flight Operations Team Homepage

ISTP Data Policy

blu_button.gif Data Policy for ISTP/NASA funded Missions and Instruments

Key Parameter Summary Plots

blue_button.gif Key Parameter Plots

ISTP/GGS Science Campaigns, Events and Related Studies

blu_bullet.gif ISTP/GGS Science Event Catalog

blue_bullet_half.gif Homepage for Inter-Agency Consultative Group Science Campaigns

blu_bullet_half.gif IACG First Campaign

blu_bullet_half.gif Wind-Geotail Magnetopause Skimming Campaign

blu_bullet_half.gif ISTP Catalog of Preliminary Solar Wind Events

blu_bullet_half.gif Substorm event times for Wind-Geotail collaborative study (list assembled by D. Fairfield and T. Nagai)

Additional ISTP Information

grn_bullet_half.gif ISTP Project Homepage

grn_bullet_half.gif Contact Information for ISTP Principal Investigators

grn_bullet_half.gif Tables of Available Key Parameter Data

yel_bullet_half.gif Overview of the ISTP Science Planning and Operations Facility

yel_bullet_half.gif Information about the ISTP Key Parameter Visualization Tool

blk_bullet_half.gif Coordinated Data Analysis Web (CDAWeb) System Web based interface to browse, list and retrieve ISTP Key Parameter data

blk_bullet_half.gif Space Physics Data Facility Homepage

blk_bullet_half.gif GSFC Magnetospheric Modeling Group Homepage (Includes information and access to magnetic field models)

Educational and Outreach Products

grn_bullet.gif The Exploration of the Magnetosphere (an Introduction to Space Physics)

Other ISTP Related WWW Sites:

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Feedback request Comments and feedback welcome:

This server and the information being made available are evolving as the ISTP Project evolves. Comments on the types of information you would like to see available here as well as comments on the presentation of information are greatly appreciated. In add ition, if you have a Home Page for ISTP or other Space Physics related information please forward your URL so that we may include a pointer on this page. Correspondence, including request for additional information about the ISTP/SPOF should be sent to th e author at the address below.

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